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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day of Love and Trust, Valentine's Day Celebrated at WIS, Bhilwara (14.02.2014)

"Love is the only answer to every question. It is the only thing that will serve you in every situation. It is the route and the destination. It is medication, liberation and should be at the heart of and expression of your vocation".

There are some occasions which are not specific to a country or region in which they are recognized. One of such days that signify the importance of an individual or a relationship among a group of people is Valentine's Day. This important day of love, trust & compassion was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students at Witty. Students of Grade VII showed their love and affection towards their teachers and friends through heart touching tender poems. Students also shared the history and significance of the day in their speeches. Lastly, they dedicated a beautiful, melodious song for the teachers and parents.



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