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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Parenting Workshop at Witty World

Parenting is perhaps the most important role that we play in our lives, it is the one role that puts into perspective all the other roles we essay in our lifetime. It teaches us to value our parents, reintroduces us to the magic of childhood, and most importantly teaches us to love unconditionally. And yet we wander into parenthood armed with practically no qualification, and little experience.
Babies, unfortunately, do not come with instruction manuals or helpline numbers, so more often than not, we resort to trial and error methods when it comes to dealing with infant behaviour.
At Witty kids we have always believed in partnering with our parents to raise balanced and happy children. As part of this initiative we have come up with a series of GOOD PARENTING workshops, to help parents in understanding and dealing successfully with behavioural issues common to early childhood.
The third in the series was held on Sat 2nd July.
The workshop was conducted by Dr. Purvi Mehta, and covered a range of topics from nutrition, to creating balanced diets, to handling food tantrums in children.
It was an interactive and informative session enjoyed by all parents.



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