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Tuesday, October 14, 2014



“It’s not give and take, but it’s give and get”
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 
As rightly quoted by Mother Teresa, Witty International School also strongly believes in inculcating the ideas of sharing in the students. On account of this, the school had planned to organize a Social Service Week Programme. Eventually the JOY OF GIVING WEEK also known as ‘DaanUtsav’ celebrated all over India from 2nd October to 8th October gave direction to our plan which thereafter became an action. Responsibility was entrusted to the Science Department who then took the initiative in this noble cause of charity.

A number of days were spent in chalking down the layout with regards to the allotment of days for particular Grades and the articles to be collected grade-wise. Information slips were then distributed to the students to create an awareness of the same. Each member of the Science Department took up the challenge and went to each class room to answer students’ queries. Further we collected the allotted items and segregated them into slots and preceded to Compassion Charitable Trust, Orphanage located at Malad (W), Mumbai – 64.  

We had placed four boxes, one for stationery, other for books & bags and the rest two were for eatables respectively. We used to place all of those materials in the Library every day throughout the week after the classes. The school bus was arranged for that day and we loaded all the boxes in it. The Science team along with the Student Council Members -31 students, left for the destination.

The experiences shared by the children of Compassion Charitable Trust made the students of WIS get more attached towards the realistic world and realize the importance of humanity and oneness. The whole process was an eye opener for all the teachers and the students, that our present youth are very eager to learn and share more and more of Social responsibilities for promoting harmony and it is the duty of our elders to provide them with such information.
We are very grateful and acknowledge our regards to everyone who joined us to make the DaanUtsav week a great success. Above all it was a great initiative taken towards eliminating poverty in India for those unprivileged.

Headmistress Dr Sabina Keshwani has to say “it’s not give and take, but it’s give and get”, students were sensitized and the purpose behind the same was explained in the School Assembly to generate the in- depth understanding of the DAANUTSAV concept.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
 Mother Teresa. The DaanUtsav not only aims at encouraging students to give but also celebrates the notion of giving and the joy derived from it. The idea is to imbibe the belief that it is more blissful to give than to receive. It’s really inspiring to see students stand up and celebrate as a community with many acts of giving. Over the years, community service has become engrained in our school's ethos and we pride ourselves for that.
Tupur Verma of Grade VII, student at WIS said “I feel that the experience of Joy of Giving really did bring Joy to many of us who donated. Though we may have been giving a little, knowing that it will mean a lot to the poor brought a feeling of self - satisfaction upon us.”

Diya Masalia of Grade VI, student at WIS said “Joy of Giving is about bringing a big change through small steps. It really is the little things that matter and have the biggest impact on us and on the people we help.”

Atharva Chouhan of Grade V, student at WIS said: “Joy of Giving week was indeed a joyful week for all the students in WIS. It gave us a chance for us to really give back to the community and to help people in need.”

Some lessons in life need to be experience based and to watch the students of WIS organize and take charge of the "DaanUtsav” makes we realize how the combined efforts of students can make a big impact on others who are less fortunate but more importantly is the impact it has made on those young students who were the organizers and doers of Witty International school.



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