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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Primary Section Yoga – The coming together of Mind and Physical Body (2015-16) WIS, Malad

Yoga – The coming together of Mind and Physical Body.

Yoga an ancient Indian tradition practiced regularly by the yogis to be fit and to meditate involves physical postures which build strength, flexibility and confidence, thus making the process of life efficient and enjoyable. Yoga helps in self-diagnosis, healing and maintenance of our body. It helps in overall growth of the children. As children nowadays encounter emotional, social and physical challenges, yoga helps them feel relaxed, focused and motivated. Keeping the benefits of yoga in the life of young children, Witty International School; RCL. Primary section (Grade I-V) observed the International Day of Yoga. A yoga session was organized where the students practiced asana. The importance of how yoga alleviates social and academic stress, and soothes cramped bodies jammed into desks and hunched over computers was discussed.



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