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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birth of Republic – Bastille Day observed at WIS,Bhilwara ( 14.07.15)

Freedom, what a wonderful word! How much energy there is in it!
14th July commemorates the anniversary of storming of the Bastille, and marked the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. This day symbolizes the birth of the Republic and end of monarchy in France. The main victory of the French revolution was promoting the idea of equality and democracy above and beyond the notion of individual freedom.

WIS Bhilwara observed the excellence of this day by presenting a special assembly, speech was delivered in which basic information of the day was conveyed to all. Students of Grade V did a good research and provided a lot of information about the importance of the day. They told that King Louis XVI knelled down due to his wrong administration and middle class citizens took charge to frame new constitution in France. Many facts about the history and mode of its celebration in France were presented. An outstanding self composed poem on Bastille Day was presented by the students of Grade V, which expressed that freedom is important because it leads to enhance expressions of creativity and high quality of life.



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