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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fun in Sun at the Witty Campus, Udaipur

For a child, it is more important to feel than to know.  Keeping the view in mind that Water Play Fosters learning in various development areas. It provides opportunities for children to strengthen their physical skill and advance their social and emotional skills, WIS organized a fun-filled Rain Dance party for young Wittians of Grade 1 and 2.
Young Wittians enjoyed the party with their peers. School lawn was filled with little  kids jumping, splashing and dancing. After the party they relished themselves with lemonade and fruits which added to their upbeat mood.  Water gaves children an avenue to contemplate issues such as: what makes rain? Why does fall down only?

Wittians enjoyed Rain Dance without wasting water and nurturing the grass and plants of their garden in return!!



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