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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Making of Healthy Bhel by Play Group on 27th Aug 2015

The  little chefs of Playgroup, enjoyed making Healthy bhel on 27th,August,2015.

Little wittians of playgroup bought different vegetables such as corn, tomato, capsicum, cucumber and coriander leaves in their tiffin and helped teacher in mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and making a healthy and yummy bhel which was really tangy as well.

Through this activity they could do a recap of the vegetables shown to them.Little wittians of the Play Group class thoroughly  enjoyed getting into cooking mode, as they made a healthy,  tasty , tangy  Bhel.

Cooking is the complete sensorial  experience which involves  the sense of smell, sight, touch and but of course the sense of taste. The little ones got a taste of their own cooking, and what a fun and wholesome learning experience it was!!



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