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Saturday, August 8, 2015


“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”

Witty International School believes in delivering a collaborative 21st century education where students discover a lifelong love of learning. In keeping up with this philosophy, the school recently organized an Interactive Workshop on “Secrets of Photography.” Mr. Aslam Saiyad, an award-winning photographer and an authorized trainer for Canon India, whose  pictures have been represented at various national and international galleries including the prestigious National Geography Photo Contest “Winning Shots”;  spearheaded this Workshop. Mr. Saiyad steered the workshop ahead with an interesting and an eye-opening presentation and talk. 

Photography has been marked by its versatility. The camera has been employed for personal use in family snapshots, official use to create visual records, commercial use in advertising images and creative use in art photography. Mr. Saiyad stated, “Photography has also engaged in constant technological innovations, leading to enormous differences in the physical character of the image; from daguerreotypes to images printed from a negative, from plate glass to film and from analogue to digital.”Given this diversity, the photograph has always been difficult to define and contain. The apparently basic question 'What is Photography?' provokes complex responses that need to consider the diverse roles and characteristics of the photograph.

Mr. Aslam Sayaid took the students on a journey to the discovery of the camera as he discussed the fundamentals of photography. Wittians were well informed and techno savvy as it was proved through their display of knowledge during the seminar. They were fascinated by the technological advancement and the tricks of modern photography. Mr. Aslam enlightened the students on Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the elements that combine to create an exposure. The workshop included hands-on experiences on Portrait photography as well as contained assignments wherein students implied the rule of thirds on photography which they learnt in the workshop. Wittians learnt that certain elements have an effect on more than just the exposure, causing alterations in depth of field, motion blur, and digital noise. The workshop paved way for the photographer within the students to blossom and help them in using the camera as an objective means of recording subjects that are documented rather than interpreted.

The Principal, Mr. Bijo Kurian quoted, “Witty International School recognizes that to be successful in an ever-evolving world means, children must learn how to learn. It is important for our children to access resources, evaluate information and critically analyze data. Such Workshops enable students to think flexibly, entertain multiple perspectives and collaborate to build upon a collective body of knowledge.”



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