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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Field Trip to Supermarket by Sr.Kg Section (2015-16)

I love my trips to the Super store
They have things I need and so much more
It’s hard to keep my hands in the cart
But I better try and keep coming back for more.

Shopping at a supermarket is so much fun and symbolizes a normal routine for our urban children. Buying groceries from a supermarket may be a necessary chore to many but today’s visit to ‘Hypercity’ was much more than just that.

 Little Wittians of Sr. K. G. section of Witty World visited the supermarket ‘Hypercity’ on 15th of September 2015 to explore the supermarket with a learning perspective.

They learnt to systematically draw a shopping plan i.e. refer a shopping list, check the different counters by reading the signs displayed, understand the categories in which the items were listed and to understand the steps involved in purchasing of goods by observing measurement, scanning of goods, billing, packing and security check. They also observed the people at work and their occupation.

Field trip to Hypercity was an enriching experience for the younger children as they could open up to learning beyond just picking up the food that they like consuming.



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