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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Primary Section Darpan ( 2015-16 ) WIS, Malad.

Darpan’ 2015
14th September Hindi Diwas

Hindi is the language spoken by 258 million people and is recognized as the 4th largest language in the world. Every Indian should give value to the Hindi language as it plays a key role in uniting the diverse India. On14thSeptember, 1949, Hindi language was adopted as the official language by the Constituent Assembly. There is an enormous need to celebrate Hindi Diwas as an event every year in order to pay honour and highlight the importance of Hindi language in India and in the rest of the world
Hindi Diwas celebrations at Witty International School, RCL

(Primary), initiated the enthusiasm amongst the young Wittians about the Hindi language. It motivated and brought positive perceptions about Hindi among them. This day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students participating in a variety of competitions.
Fancy dress competition depicting various famous Hindi characters, recitation of Hindi poems (Hasya Kavita) and Picture story opened up the literary treasure of Hindi vocabulary. Students also tried their hand in the creative field by presenting advertisement campaigns.



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