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Friday, October 16, 2015

Say No To Crackers........WIS, Bhilwara (16.10.15)

Diwali is round the corner and we all are busy shopping for clothes, sweets, candles, diyas and other puja materials at a feverish pace. But does the shopping list also include crackers?
This is a point to ponder for everyone, especially for children, as they are very fond of bursting crackers.
Today a special assembly was held at WIS, Bhilwara where students were made aware of the ill-effects of bursting crackers during a festival associated with joy, peace and prosperity.Teachers explained them the danger of bursting crackers both health wise in terms of the noise and air pollution it causes to the effect it has on children, who are often engaged in manufacturing them, in an industry which is hazardous and illegal if employing children. They were further told that pollution in any form be it air pollution or noise pollution harms not only the environment but also the health of people especially children, who suffer from asthma, deafness, etc. Students also witnessed an exhibition of posters, which showed harmful effects of burning crackers. Students were really moved with those heart provoking posters and took a pledge not to burn crackers on Diwali.

Ma’am Principal encouraged the students to celebrate Diwali with colours, flowers, sweets, rangoli etc.



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