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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Synergy" a Sporty Picnic by Witty World Playgroup Section [ 2015 - 16 ]

At Witty kids, it is our constant endeavor to provide children with wholesome experiences, be it in the field of academics, creativity, or in the field of sports! This year in keeping with our theme of, “Health is Wealth’’ Play group children of Witty World  enjoyed a Sports Day with a difference!! 
Children along with their parents were invited for “Synergy” a, “SPORTY PICNIC”, where the focus was on  the parents spending  some quality time with the child, playing games reminiscent of their  childhood, in the lap of nature. After all, a big part of staying healthy is to remain fit and connected with nature!

Children and parents had a great time playing traditional games  like ,”Tisk it and Task it”, Four  corners,  Witty Says ( a reinvention of the ever popular ,”simon says”), and a Parachute Play version of Oranges and Lemons!!!

To quote a parent,” Not only was it a wonderful opportunity for us parents to re-live our childhood, it was also a fun way of orienting our children with the popular outdoor games we  grew up playing!! In an era when children are increasingly spending more time indoors with technology driven games, this sporty picnic in the park is indeed a welcome initiative”.



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