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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Field Trip To A Textile Mill....... WIS,Bhilwara (03.05.16)

“Science without practical experience is like a body without soul”.
Keeping the objective of practical experience in mind today, on 3rd May 2016,students of grade VI and VII had a field trip to SAMKIT Textile Mills Pvt LTD.
It was a wonderful experience for students. They observed how the threads are wrapped in machine with a speed of 600 rpm(revolutions per minute).They also learnt that how the threads are put in rolled iron rods. Next they saw how the fibres are put in automatic Italian machines which had a processing speed of 450 rpm while some had 280 rpm. After that they keenly observed that how the clothes are repaired using scissors and extra threads were removed i.e mending process was done.
Lastly students gained experience of pressing and packaging clothes in rolls and rectangular folds.
The students were curious and were able to correlate the theory with actual making of clothes.

Thanks to the Director and staff members of Samkit Textile Mills Pvt LTD for their kind cooperation.



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