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Saturday, September 24, 2016

World Heart Day Observed at WIS,Bhilwara (23.09.16)

My Heart is something that gives me life
My Heart is kind and loving down to the last drop
My Heart keeps me going not wanting to stop
My Heart has a pulse to it unlike anything in this universe
My Heart gives me strength in the hardest traverse 
My Heart gives me structure in such an unstructured place
My Heart beats at an insurmountable pace
My Heart bonds me together so that nothing could tear it apart
My Heart is something I loved right from the start
You Yes!!!! You.... Are My Heart 
World Heart Day is a campaign established to spread awareness about the health of heart among common people all through the world. The aim of this campaign is to motivate people for active participation in huge number to make this campaign successful and world free of heart diseases.
This very important day was observed on Friday, September, 23, 2016 at Witty International School, Bhilwara. Students of Grade VIII presented a special assembly to bring out the significance of the day. They presented a skit and conveyed the message that this is the perfect day to get exercising and start eating healthy – all in the name of keeping your ticker in good working order and improving the health and well being of people the world over. 



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