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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Primary Section Celebrating World Pollution Prevention Day WIS, Malad (2016-2017)

1st December – World Pollution Prevention Day
Pollution has become an issue every country can relate to. Various forms of pollution harm humans and the environment. Pollution drastically increased once the industrial revolution occurred because of improving technology. Millions of chemicals are burned into the air, thousands of pounds of solid waste is dumped on to the earth each day and the world’s largest oceans are polluted with toxins and chemicals denying any form of life. It has become quite clear pollution is causing health risks and ruining ecosystems. The only way to prevent pollution is to raise awareness about the issues caused by pollution.

To heel from the root and create awareness right from the childhood, at Witty International School we strive to inculcate global awareness right from the childhood. Grade II Primary section Wittian prepared chart of eco-friendly products, while grade III & IV took pledge of green classroom. While causes and prevention of the pollution were displayed by grade V.



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