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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Little Wittians of Witty International School, Udaipur celebrated Basant Panchami with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Basant Panchami is a popular Hindu festival that celebrates the onset of spring. On this day, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped. It is also known as Shree Panchami.
The word ‘Basant’ means spring and ‘Panchami’ denotes the fifth day on which the festival falls. The scintillating yellow color holds great importance on this day. The color of Basant i.e Yellow also known as the ‘Basanti’ symbolizes prosperity, light, energy and optimism. This is the reason why people wear yellow clothes and makes traditional delicacies in yellow hues.
Little Wittians came dressed in yellow attire for the celebration. Special assembly was conducted wherein the significance of the festival was explained to the kids. Toddlers of Playgroup tried to make head gear of sun while Nursery children made marigold flower with paper crumpling activity. Kids of Jr.KG did palm printing and Sr.KG children enjoyed orange dabbing.
Children brought Yellow colored snack in their tiffin and enjoyed sharing the same with their peers. 





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