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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Born to Lead

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams.

One of the foremost philosophies and visions of Witty International School, right from its inception, has been Empowering our students to be future leaders. The ideology being that by empowering our students today, they will in turn empower a hundred more; this being an attempt to put into action the Trickle down theory.

The Education Act provides for the establishment of Students’ Councils, intending them to play an integral and important role in the school community. Students’ Councils provide a representative structure through which students can debate issues of concern and undertake initiatives of benefit to the school and the wider community. To give the students the feel of the functioning of an administrative body, Witty International School, Pawan Baug conducted the most awaited event of the beginning of the scholastic year, the Investiture ceremony.
The Investiture Ceremony marked the initiation of a new Students’ Council in the academic calendar of the school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly-appointed school council. On this day, all the elected students get to feel immense pride for being entrusted with such a grade of responsibility, which entails the production of a better tomorrow.
In recognition of the pivotal value of leadership in the emerging world, the school’s Students’ Council was selected after a rigorous democratic process, in which the candidates had to go through many processes to secure selection for the much-coveted positions. Candidates who were competing for the post in the Students’ Council had to express their thoughts, views and reforms which they plan for the school using their original symbols and slogans. The contestants were thrilled and upbeat about the whole campaigning process. Each of the contestants tried to outshine their opponents and finally the casting and counting of votes led to the declaration of the winners. The euphoric new student committee congratulated each other and solemnised to stay true to their post.

On the fine morning of 10th July, 2017, deserving young talents of the School were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. The members of the council donned smart, formal apparel and were then entrusted to shoulder their respective responsibilities. The council was led to take the oath by the School President, to enable the leaders to realise their duties and be humane in executing the functions entrusted to their care. The momentous occasion continued as the badges were pinned by the school Principal, Mr. Bijo Kurian.
The Principal bequeathed, the badges and scarves to the School President: Soumil Arora and Esha Shah, Sports Captain: Deep Saraogi,  Cultural Captain: Anaadya Thakkar, the four House Captains: Yash Shah (Ruby House), Tanushree Khurana (Emerald House), Rishabh Jain (Sapphire House) and Pia Shah (Topaz House). The four House Vice-Captains and Class Prefects also received their badges respectively.

The School draws its inspiration from the vision of its Director Dr. Vinay Jain, who ardently believes that every child who comes into this temple of learning must evolve into an individual replete with knowledge, love for the nation, respect towards elders, respect for the rules and regulations of this education portal and showing love and reverence to their parents. The students are the torch bearers of tomorrow. Therefore, nurturing them and fostering in them a sense of self-respect, self-discipline and leadership.
The Principal, Mr. Bijo Kurian remarked, “The establishment of a Students’ Council gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It enables students to take responsibility for projects, and to demonstrate that they can manage and bring such projects to successful conclusion. Moreover, the contribution made by a Student Council to the development of school policy in a number of areas can have significant benefits for students and the school.”

The student leaders have brought in a fresh start to the new vision and mission for the academic year breathing in new hope to the entire school.



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