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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guru Purnima Celebration WIS Pawan Baug Primary Section

                     “The Grace of the Guru is in abundance. If you are willing, every door in existence is open.”
Keeping the above thought in mind, Primary Section of Witty International School, Pawan Baug celebrated Guru Purnima on Friday, 7th July’17 with intense fervour and enthusiasm.  It was a day celebrated to reinforce the values, customs and traditions amongst the Wittians of Grade I – V and make them aware of the importance of parents, teachers and elders in their life.
Wittians duly followed the path showed by their respective teachers resulting in a very successful event! It was a complete festive ambience wherein a plethora of performances highlighted the importance of a Guru's role in shaping a student's life. Different grades contributed in different ways to make this show a successful event. The show commenced with a welcome dance by the students of Grade V followed by the welcome speech.
Guru Purnima celebration was graced by the presence of Mr.Jayesh Panchal who is associated to Art of Living Foundation. In his address; he drew attention to the metamorphosis of the student teacher relationship over the years and exhorted the audience to uphold the ancient Indian guru-shishya tradition. Wittians of Grade II dramatised a poem, both highlighting the importance of Guru in one’s life and stating that not only people but even Mother Nature teaches us a lot in life. Grade IV Wittians put up a skit which was enacted beautifully on Arjuna who was motivated by Drona helping him to be the best archer rather than his own son; giving out a message that a Guru keenly observes the potential of students and motivates them accordingly. Students of Grade V dedicated a song to their teachers to convey to them how much difference their teachers have made in their lives.

This celebration ended with a finale song put up by the students of Grade III which truly left behind a smile on the faces of the audience! Our auditorium, “Sparkle”, was over-flowing with talent, laughter and joy. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks followed by our National Anthem. We sincerely thank Mr.Jayesh Panchal for giving us his valuable time.



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