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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Good Touch and Bad Touch WIS Primary Section Pawan Baug


It is best to prepare our children for the thorns in the path of life. As a part of life skills curriculum, in a very pro-active and comprehensive fashion, Witty International School, Pawan Baug took the Wittians of Grades I -V through the difference between ‘Good Touch’ and ‘Bad Touch’ on 11th and 12th September 2017 in collaboration with Seniors of Malad Police Station, working on ‘Police Didi Campaign’.
A brainstorming session was held by the guest speaker,  API Rupali Targe in presence of Senior Inspector of Police, Sudhir Mahadik and ACP Suresh Shinde  on the urgent need to empower our Wittians and to report an abuse, as children often keep abuse as a secret and encourage them to confide their problems to parents and teachers. An animated film depicting ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ and various safety methods was also shown to students. Students also learnt the child care number – 1098.
This workshop also drilled into them what they are to do if they ever experience such sort of bad touch as it aimed at creating awareness amongst the students about their well-being. Students were made aware of the safety measures for self-guarding themselves against any harassment, abuse etc. and were encouraged to remain alert and say ‘No’ in case of danger or call for help.
The children showed active participation in terms of interaction and giving feedback. The program concluded in a positive note and lots of learning to take away. Witty International School thanked the Seniors of Malad Police Station for providing their valuable time, assistance and co-operation rendered to us. It was quiet an insightful session which helped the Wittians for their better understanding.



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