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Monday, December 18, 2017

Field Trip at Two Wheeler Showroom (PG -Jr.KG)

I”ll take you riding
I”ll take you riding on my bike
The Wheels of the bike will go round
The bell on the bike goes ting-a-ling.
Hold the handle bars turn left & right.
Let’s go riding up the hill.
On Monday, 18th  December, 2017 Little Toddlers of PG to Jr.KG at Witty International School, Udaipur visited Two Wheeler Showroom. They saw different types of vehicles such as Motor Bikes, Scooters , Sports Bike etc. Teachers explained children about different parts of  two wheeler vehicles like engine, head light, brake, horn etc. They were also told about the pick up, average, petrol tank, speed and the importance of wearing helmet while driving.
Children enjoyed learning about the automobile companies and their work. They were also informed about the licence which is only given at the age of 18. They were also told about the importance of transportation in our daily life and how difficult it was in the early age when such type of transportation was not there. Children were really happy to learn about these facts and it was a fun loving trip for them .



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