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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sparkle: Talent Hunt

The dictionary meaning of the word talent is a marked natural ability or skills.
From the very childhood we all are encouraged to bring our talents out by one or the other ways in our homes or at schools.
Some could identify their talents at an early age e others have to wait for years and years to actually find out what talent do they really possess.
Nevertheless every human being is blessed with some or other kind of skill or talent which they can flaunt before the entire world.
Talents make people have confidence on themselves and lead more fulfilling lives.
Parents and teachers have a significant role to play here i.e. to recognize and motivate children to participate and take interest in diverse activities involving the use of various skills.
‘Sparkle: Talent Hunt’ is one such attempt on the part of Witty International School, Udaipur to motivate these young students to be brave enough to get acquainted with their own talents and to groom the same in the long run in order to lead a successful life.
Parent and kids performed in various activities like Dancing, Singing  and Acting based on the theme Swach Bharat and Unity in diversity. This activity helped kids to built –up their confidence and overcome their stage fear. It was a fun-frolic weekend for our Wittians.



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