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Thursday, January 11, 2018

A vision for the world through the ‘eyes’ of students at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

A vision for the world through the ‘eyes’ of students
Witty International School, Pawan Baug has consistently taken initiatives for the well-being of its students and teachers and undertook strong intervention in improving health care of its people. As a part of its healthcare drive, the school recently organised an eye check up camp for the school students. The camp was conducted by Dr. Samir Satupe and his team of ophthalmologists.
It is estimated that almost 25% of children of school age have vision problems. Since most learning is done through our eyes, it’s important that we make sure that our children have an eye check up. This will help ensure that they are getting and learning the most from their schooling through good vision. By having the children’s eyes checked routinely, we can ensure that our child’s visual system is working properly.
According to the Principal, Mr.Bijo Kurian, “It is our endeavor to improve the education level of these students and healthy eyes would help students focus on studies. We will continue to support and undertake such initiative that will cater to the health needs of the students and improve their quality of life.”
The doctors visited the school and all the students right from Grade VI to AS Level benefited from the camp. They counseled the students on eye care by a comprehensive computerized eye examination.  As per today’s working environment, of the ever-increasing expectations for efficiency and performance, good vision is critical to ensure the ability to produce good results so specialists informed the students about the importance of regular eye check up and gave some tips on caring for and protecting their eyes. They also advised them about the special care to be taken while spending long hours in front of computers. 
The doctors checked and also enquired the various problems and issues the students face with regards to their eyes and suggested solutions for the same. They also gave their valuable suggestions to keep the eyes healthy for a better vision. 



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