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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar by Mumbai Police at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar by Mumbai Police
India is a leader in supplying software that controls the critical infrastructure and businesses throughout the world. The internet connects people, systems and galaxy of networks and an effort is required to protect digital systems from online threats as we defend our bodies from illness.
With the visionary guidance of our honorable Director, Mr Vinay Jain, Witty International School, Pawan Baug organised the Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar on 15th September, 2017 for students of Grade VII and IGCSE – II. As part of the awareness programme, PSI Yogesh Khanure – Mumbai Police interacted with the students for well over an hour, giving them an insight into the invisible world of cyber crime.
 The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Mumbai Police was inaugurated on 18th December 2000. It deals with the offence related to the computer, computer network, computer resource, computer systems, computer devices and Internet.
Explaining the need for such a seminar, PSI Yogesh Khanure said, “We are living in two kinds of world, one is real and the other is virtual. Student life is our real world in which we can meet our friends and well wishers and share our pleasures and sorrows but the world available on social networking sites is imaginary in which we can neither see anybody nor share our life. Even then we indulge in it and get involved in cyber crime.”
The PSI informed the students about the various crimes happening in cyber world among the teenagers. He also enlightened the students with the safety and security tips to be a good and safe user of this cyber world. He covered various areas like what is cyber world? What are the known and unknown risks of cyber world? How to be safe in cyber world? He also shared some interesting facts and figure regarding the cyber world. “It is easy for young naive students to fall prey to invisible criminals on cyber space,” said Mr. Yogesh Khanure. He also emphasized that students must never befriend people over the internet and should also not try to fix up a meeting with them without informing their parents.
 A social network, he informed them, may be a place for keeping up with friends, but it was also a place for cyber crimes. (Nearly all the students present in the hall had raised their hands when asked how many were active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on).
Chat rooms can easily become ‘’cheat rooms,’’ where conversations with strangers can quickly become intimate and young girls may be easily swayed by the pampering words thrown at them, Mr Yogesh Khanure said.  The now-indispensable Internet, Mr Khanure informed them, was attractive to criminals because they don’t need physical contact to harass their victims and they find it easy to hide within the cyber world.

Students and teachers found this awareness campaign to be very interesting and informative, adding that Cyber Security Awareness Campaign is helping to lead the way towards the development of safer use of internet. The Principal, Mr Bijo Kurian stressed the necessity for this seminar, “The loss incurred through cyber crimes is irreversible as it may even cost a person's life. Thus awareness among teenagers is the best remedy to prevent them from such offences. The Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar was conducted to focus on the importance of concealing one's identity, passwords or other personal details to the strangers on the web. Cyber Crime is a punishable offence and should not be considered as a child’s play. We are extremely thankful to have PSI Mr Yogesh Khanure here with our students encouraging them to get aware about threats of cyberspace and move ahead to safeguard their data.”



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