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Monday, January 8, 2018

Black & White Day Celebration by Play Group Section at Witty World, Bangur Nagar (2017-18)

Black is the colour of my hair,

White is the colour of my teeth,

Black is the colour of a crow,

White is the colour of a dove,

And Black and White is the colour of a zebra....

On Monday 8th January 2018, the little Wittians of Playgroup section at Witty World celebrated "Black and White day”, as the theme of the month is Day and Night. Teachers & children came dressed in Black & White colour clothes. The class was decorated in Black and White with various objects and balloons. They revised the concept, indulged in a lively discussion on colours and the various black and white colour objects found in the surroundings
The concept was further reinforced when children did black and white colouring on a Zebra worksheet.

It was a fun and exciting way of learning colours!!



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