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Monday, January 8, 2018

A day at School at Witty International Day (2017-18)

A day at School!!!

After a long and relaxing weekend, it was time for the exchange students to experience the Indian educational system first hand. The day began early for both Wittians and exchange students today. They arrived at school sharply at 7:00.

The Broklede students along with their Indian counter parts attended the first lecture of the day. Enrichment hour, the first lecture, introduced various fun educational activities in the class. The students also got a copy of the local newspaper to read through. The Wittians and Broklede students were then separated for the further activities of the day. Wittians got involved with their upcoming annual day dance and musical practices. The Dutch exchange students on the other hand got an opportunity to attend a sports workshop. The Broklede students went on to play a refreshing game of football.

After the game, the Broklede students were introduced to the world of Sanskrit language. AkalkaKaradkar, the Sanskrit instructor, after briefly explaining the history of the language, introduced the Sanskrit conversational role play in the workshop. The participants greatly enjoyed the workshop.

The students had the IT lecture next. Utpal Chandra, the IT lecturer, introduced the concept of HTML and CSS in the lecture. The students were taught to build a simple website. After the lunch break, students danced in the beats of Indian music. ImpalKadhi, the dance choreographer, completed the choreography for upcoming Eumind annual day dance.The students left the school at 16:00.



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