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Monday, January 8, 2018

Broklede visits Day 1 at Witty International School (2017-18).

Broklede visits Witty International School

The students of RSG Broklede School Netherlands arrived at Witty International School, Mumbai for a seven-day long exchange program on early morning of 15th December 2017. They were picked up by eagerly waiting host families.

The day for the exchange students began at 14:00. They arrived in school to attend relaxing Mandala workshop. Ms. RanjithaKomaravolu, the Mandala instructor, began the session by providing the background information on theart. After the brief demonstration, the children started drawing colourful Mandala’s against the backdrop of soothing music. The day progressed further with a school visit. The students were taken to the eighth-floor football turf, chemistry lab, physics lab and biology lab.

The Dutch children were then introduced to the beats and rhythms of Bollywood in the form of a dance. Impal, the dance choreographer, introduced Dutch students to few Bollywood steps. It was now the turn of the Dutch exchange students to entertain us. They presented us with a choreographed western dance. The exchange students were soon picked up by the host families. 



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