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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

" Magical World Of Space" A seminar conducted by Key Note Speaker:- Mr Manish Purohit (23.01.18)

Curiosity is a human trait. Humanity has always been interested in its surroundings. And now that we have conquered most of what our planet has offered, it is time we took to the heavens.
This universal and enduring need to know more about our universe is closer to being quenched than ever. We have discovered new worlds and pushed the limits of our scientific and technical knowledge. And while we have strived to learn more about our universe, we have managed to greatly benefit our society, our country and the world on the whole as well.
To take the students in the magical world of space a seminar was conducted for the students of Grade V to VIII both of Atun Road and R.C. Vyas Branch at Witty International School, Atun Road, Bhilwara on Tuesday, January 23,2018. The seminar was handled by the Key Note Speaker Mr Manish Purohit (former scientist ISRO) . He told everyone that Space exploration has answered some fundamental questions about our place in the world. While trying to master space we have created new industries, created better technology and shaped mutually beneficial relations with other nations.
 Inquisitiveness and investigation are essential for the human spirit and NASA’s travels into deep space have given many of us, our parents and families a chance to delve into our deepest fantasies, hoping and praying that the exciting journeys succeed and continue.
He urged everyone to understand the role of NASA, our space exploration program and the importance of providing the organization with the necessary resources to create a space program that is worthy of our great nation.  
Lastly, the speaker Mr Manish Purohit insisted on the need to remember that if humans didn’t always satisfy our innate urge to “see what’s out there”, Australia would still be primarily originated by Aborigines, and North Americans would all be Native Americans. It is in human nature to discover and explore our surroundings. Space is just the next, and inevitable, step towards learning more about our world. The possibilities are endless when we look to the heavens.
At the end Academic and Admin. Head Mrs Abha Mittal thanked the speaker for the informative session conducted on the magical world of space.



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