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Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 1 - EUMIND


Witty International School provides its students a platform which opens the gateway into becoming Global Citizens and broadening their horizons through the Bilateral Student Exchange Programme ‘EUMIND’.
The programme saw its initiation with the RSG Broklede students visiting Witty International School in the month of December 2017. The programme reached its culmination for the academic year when a group of enthusiastic students and teachers landed at  Schiphol Amsterdam on 2nd April 2018. Even though the entire journey wasn’t eventful the Wittians awaited landing at Amsterdam with much waited breath.
The Wittians arrived at Schiphol in freezing temperatures with a warm welcome by RSG Broklede teachers Mr. Thomas and Mr. Govert. From the airport the students boarded the coach and excitedly headed towards the school wherein the host students and their parents were eagerly waiting to welcome their guests. Wittians meeting their Dutch counterparts was a sight to behold. The warmth of affinity was displayed when the Dutch parents met their Indian wards for the very first time. Brewed coffee and warm Stroop waffles were served in the midst of joy and ganter.
The parents then took their Indian wards to their abode for a quick wash and rest to be energized again for the evening Sports and games and the Easter Buffet. The students reported to RSG Broklede for sports and games at 4.00 pm. They were divided into 4 groups by Mr. Thomas - the sports teacher. He initiated them and led them into Bounce Ball, Fussball and Hockey. The Wittians displayed their agility and prowess while going head to head with the Dutch students. They showcased their mettle and did not let into their opponent team.
The evening Easter Buffet was a spread too delectable to give it a miss. The buffet began with a competition – Search the Easter Eggs hid by the Easter bunny. This was handsomely won by our Wittians. The Dutch students then played the perfect hosts by serving the guests and making them feel at home. The students then departed to their respective homes with the host students feeling refreshed and energized for the rest of the days.   



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