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Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 2 Eumind

The Bilateral student exchange saw a plethora of events wherein Wittians learnt the Dutch way of leading  a school life with regular lessons wherein they focused on the creative aspect of learning a concept or a topic.
The day for the Wittians began early with lectures beginning at 8.30 a.m with French language wherein a listening activity was conducted and the Dutch teacher was amazed to witness our skillful and proficient French speakers.
Few students along with their hosts were part of the Chemistry lesson which focused on Molecular structures of Carbon and Hydrogen using Polymer models.
Wittians joined the art lecture where the teachers directed them into making 3D collages and frames. The activity was fun filled and exciting and Wittians whole heartedly participated.
English language lesson saw the enthusiasm level of the Wittians rising as they came up with various creative examples for Guerilla Advertising. This was lauded by the Dutch hosts. The compliments were received warmly. Our Wittians were motivated enough and readily agreed to attend a few more lectures.
Economics, Physics and Business studies lessons were equally attended to and did win hearts of the Wittians.
After a long learning day the students along with their hosts boarded a coach to Utrecht. Utrecht has been a religious centre for centuries and is slowly gaining prominence as a tourist destination. It houses the Iconic Dom Toren, a 14th century bell tower with 465 steps. It is a must visit for every tourist. Wittians had their lunch and then assembled near the Dom tower for the iconic climb an essential part of tourist visit. The students were divided into groups of 2. The boysalongwith 2 Indian teachers were the first to ascend the tower while the girls along with their Dutch counterparts explored the city. Once the boys returned from their climb the girls showed the same enthusiasm in climbing the tower along with an Indian teacher and a Dutch teacher. The enthusiasm reached its pinnacle once the students reached the top most part of the tower and could behold a view right uptil Amsterdam at one end and Rotterdam at the other.
The day ended with the Wittians moving with hosts for an early dinner. A day well spent with lots of learning and memories galore.



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