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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day 4 - EUMIND

The Wittians woke up to 3O C temperature. It was freezing cold on the outside with brutal icy winds. This however did not dampen the spirits of the Wittians as they elatedly boarded the coach with their host students for a beautiful journey towards the most visited theme parks of Europe – The Efteling.
The Eftelingis an amusement park which was initiated as an entertainment park based on fairy tales. But to attract more visitors especially children, joy rides were introduced which slowly and steadily garnered attention and tourists started visiting in numbers.
On reaching the park, the students were divided into groups of 7 each headed by a teacher. Each of these groups was given an activity of locating a particular story in the park taking a picture of the same with the group. The group which finished first was rewarded handsomely.
The students were then led into the various rides to test their abilities to withstand fear. The most sought after ride was the roller coaster ride – Baron 1898 which included a 90O drop from a height of almost 37.5 metres.
With four inversions (two loops and two corkscrews), the second most sought after ride is the Python. The wait at the ride was almost 30 minutes each clearly signifying the demand it holds even today.
Almost every Wittian took a ride on Joris and de Draak (joris and the Dragon) which is a wooden racing roller coaster built around the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.
Likewise, the other rides also saw the Wittians being a part of it and enjoying themselves to the core. The students spent an entire day enjoying every ride to the fullest more than once.
The tired Wittians moved back to school with fabulous memories and the sun shining brightly paving the way for a great weekend.



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