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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day 5 - Eumind

A warm and bright morning welcomed the Wittians into the beautiful Castle Slot Zuylen in Maarsen north of Utrecht. Some of the host families volunteered to charter the students to the Castle by 9.30 am. The castle was originally built in the 13th century by lord van Suilen en Anholt. In 1422 during the Hook and Cod wars the castle was completely demolished. In 1510 rebuilding started. In 1752 the castle was modified for the last time. It holds a tapestry by the Delft carpet weaver Maximiliaan van der Gught. Its past inhabitants include Steven van der Hagen and Belle van Zuylen.
The Wittians were divided into 2 groups and were ushered into the Castle by two guides who took them right through the history of the Castle giving them insight into the lives of the Nobles, Lords and Ladies, Barons and Baronesses.
Wittians showcased their curious side by inquiring into the various aspects of Nobility. The guided tour ended with Wittians garnering ample of Dutch historical facts and details.
Students then headed for the school for a quick bite and rest and then moved to the grounds for sports activities. A soccer match was held amongst the Wittians wherein the agility, fitness and teamwork among them was put to the test. The girls went toe-to-toe with the boys not leaving an inch whether it be defense or playing offence.
A few of the Wittians willingly participated in a Table Tennis match while few others took to the zip line and enjoyed the ride throughout. The weary students then relaxed themselves on the hammock placed in the middle of the park.
A refreshing and energized day came to an end with students moving back to their host families with knowledge of Dutch history and excitement for the days to come.    



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