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Friday, April 13, 2018

Day 8 - EUMIND

I Am Sterdam

The freezing cold winds welcomed the Wittians into a new day to Amsterdam. The students boarded the bus and departed for their destination at 8.45 am with vigour and vitality.
On reaching Amsterdam the students were taken to the ‘I am Sterdam’ logo wherein they had a field view of Rijs Museum and also the scenic beauty around. The place mesmerised them and their ecstasy knew no bounds. They were then instructed for the rules to be followed while crossing the lanes and were taken for a boat ride on the river Ij. The Ij is the river which divides the North and South of Amsterdam.
The boat ride took the students through the Central part of the city giving them insight into the history of Amsterdam. The places included the Weeping clock tower which was named after the women folk of the sailors who would weep for their husbands when they left for their expeditions. It also included the Nemo Museum which is based on technology. It also included the Amsterdam University and the School of Music. The replica of the Ship Amsterdam – a 17th Century ship used for trading was also a part of the display and this ship is a working model of the original ship. The biggest casino of Amsterdam - the Holland Casino was looked at with awe. The boat ride brought forth the history of the canal structure of the city which showcased how the water from the city was drained out into canals so that building structures over that land could become easier. The hub of Amsterdam – the Central Station was a sight to behold with a congregation of bicycles and people running to get to their destination. Last but not the least the boat ride moved towards the last destination Paradiso wherein concerts are held. The boat ride lasted an hour and ended with a cheer from the students.
Students then moved to the Albert Cuyp market to shop and buy souvenirs for people back at home. Students had their lunch at the market stalls or in the surrounding multi-cultural area.
The day ended with happy and excited students boarding the bus for school.   



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