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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Health Awareness Program - National Doctor’s Day

They are the fire in the chill and frost, the ice in the sweltering heat.  They are battling with a storm inside their minds and hearts, struggling perpetually with sheer persistence, to instil survival into the patient. They are the unsung heroes, the saviours, the true knights in the shining armour, equipped to not only save the day, but millions of lives across the world. They are none other than the doctors, the warriors in the white coats!

Wittians of Grades I – V rejoiced the day of life savers with great enthusiasm. In the Health Awareness Program organised today, excited Wittians filled their own biometrics in the health card; for one is regarded as the best doctor of own self. Through this activity, students realised that many things related to health were ignored but those needs equal attention for one’s better health.



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