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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Janmasthami Celebrated at WIS,Atun Road, Bhilwara (01.09.18)

Natkhat Kanha aaye dwar,
Lekar apni bansuri sath,
Mor mukut sar par sohe,
Aur aankon me kajal ki dhar,
Aaya Janamashtami ka tyohaar.
Janmashtami is the yearly observance of Krishna's appearance on earth. It is one of the world's most widely observed spiritual festivals. Krishna's "birth,"janma, occurred at midnight onashtami, the eighth day after the full moon in the Vedic calendar.
Witty Family celebrated Janamashtami with all passion and zeal on September 1, 2018. Students of Grade II and IV donned the roles of Lord Krishna and Gopikas and other characters related to Janamashtami. They won the soul of spectators by enacting their devotional roles perfectly. The event comprised of a speech, group dance on Krishna Leela, bhajans and devotional poem.
The celebration concluded with “Dahi Handi Fod” activity. At the end the whole school echoed in one voice i.e. “Haathi Ghoda Paalki, Jai Kanaihyaa Lal ki”.
Happy Janmasthami !!



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