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Monday, October 8, 2018

‘Nutrifacts – Unlocking Good Health’ Workshop conducted on World Heart Day by Primary Section at Witty Kids, Chikoowadi (2018 - 19)

World Heart Day

‘Nutrifacts – Unlocking Good Health’ Workshop

Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom.

Nutrition is one of the primary aspects in today’s lifestyle. Witty Kids has always emphasized on helping students learn the importance of healthy eating through balanced meals and nutrition education. Staying away from junk food can be difficult for most of us. So to get that little spark, ‘Nutrifacts- Unlocking Good Health' workshop was conducted for students of Grade I to V on the occasion of World Heart Day.

Guest speakers Mrs. Shikha Gala and Ms Tareshi Dixit helped students understand that healthy eating helps in keeping the body strong, full of energy and working at its best. This requires eating a variety of foods from the five foods group. Students were given tips on healthy eating such as eating a variety of foods from the 5 food groups every day will give them all the energy, vitamins and minerals the body needs. To go slow on the sugary and fatty foods, like lollies, soft drink, chips and fried foods which can be unhealthy and make them put on weight. To eat mindfully, being more aware of chewing and tasting what we eat so that the brain can register the incoming nutrients. 

Students were made aware of the harmful effects of junk food that sets the stage for an unhealthy lifestyle and how one gets quickly addicted to such foods.  Students discussed their eating habits and promised to eat more vegetables, fruits, juices and wholegrain foods. The workshop encouraged students to switch to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a beautiful life.



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