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Monday, December 10, 2018

Reliance metro is one of the most advanced modes of transport in Mumbai. The system is designed to reduce traffic congestion in the city, and supplement the overcrowded Mumbai Suburban Railway network. To cultivate practical learners by fueling their innate curiosity and encouraging them to understand in a hands-on way, students of Grade I - V Witty Kids were taken for a Field Trip to Reliance Metro. The excitement was palpable.

An enthusiastic group of students and teachers received a warm welcome by the management team and the staff members of Reliance metro. The discipline at the ticket counter, the spick and span surroundings and systematic commuters is laudable. Students expressed their excitement by screaming ‘YEAH!!’ on the arrival of the metro. The management team and staff members ensured the safety and security of the students. Students were informed about the total number of stations between Versova to Ghatkopar. Eagerness to see and halt at the next station was visible on their faces as they checked the name of the station on the indicators in the metro. The 44 minutes ride gave the students an opportunity to know and understand how metro is different from a local train. It was a marvelous visual treat and the ride was fabulous and fascinating.

The trip helped students to learn the safest ways to travel by the metro. It was an interesting, enriching and informative field trip.  Wittians thanked the management team and the staff of Reliance metro for providing their and assistance, co-operation and valuable time rendered to us.



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