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Monday, December 10, 2018

Sun Bathing activity at WIS, Udaipur

                                    Sun Bathing
The sun shines on us by day,
So we can grow in every way,
      Plants, Animals and birdies too…
Need the sun as me and you.
Sun is the best source of consuming vitamin D, for our body. Sun bathing is been enjoyed at the beach sides by the people. We all need some sun exposure.We can also call it sun tanning.
On Monday 10th December, 2018 little toddlers of Playgroup at Witty International School, Udaipur witnessed and participated in the Sun bathing activity along with their peers.
They enjoyed wearing their hats and sunglasses brought by them from home. Children were so excited relaxing in a sunny day on the mats with colorful umbrellas on a sunny day. They also enjoyed making sun face mask and reciting rhymes on sun along with their peers. The little ones immensely enjoyed this unique learning day. 





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