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Monday, February 18, 2019

Field trip to Bhau Da ji lad Museum -Secondary Section Grade 6 at Witty International School Pawan Baug (18-19)

Walk through History

At Witty International School we believe in expanding our students’ horizons and enriching classroom teaching with the help of our incredible collections and engaging programmes.The students of Grade 6 visited the Bhau Da Ji Lad Museum, Byculla , on the 9th of February, 2019, as an educational visit.The aim of the visit was to develop the awareness and scientific temper amongst the students.Bhau Da Ji Lad museum is amongst the oldest museum of Mumbai and served as the treasure house of the decorative and industrial arts in 1855.
The museum showcases miniature clay models, miniature monuments like Taj Mahal, Meenakshi Temple and rare books that document the life of the people of Mumbai.The golden chandelier on the ceiling, mint coloured walls, patterned wooden staircase, takes you into a world of history and leaves you in trance.The students were greatly excited about the exhibition halls ,especially ,the galleries .
Some art products, nonetheless, retained their authenticity in form and style all the way taking the shape of generic jars and trinket boxes. These include enameling, lac ware from Sind, Koftagiri in which silver and gold wire are inlaid in complex and intricate patterns, and miniature painting of the Indian Ragas, rightfully called Ragamala painting.
The students were explained about the detailed philosophy of how, E.R. Fern and C.L. Burns, the museum’s first curators, who were also principals of the Sir J.J. School of Art, brought in a clay modeler from Lucknow [who was assisted by the art students], to create these colourful portrayals on show and a world in themselves. changed.
After the guided tour, the children were given a whole lot of activities to explore and engage critically with the exhibition.In the museum there was connecting threads exhibition attempts to trace textile practices, traditions and histories in contemporary Indian Art.
The visit to the Bhau Da Ji Lad Museum was not only enjoyable, but also inculcated  historical knowledge in the students.The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the plethora of exhibits left them spell-bound. The students were really drawn in the magical world of History and were greatly inspired. The trip was an enriching experience for all of them.

The Principal, Mr.Kurian, enthused, “Field Trips areimportant to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. Field trips are crucial for every student to acquire increased knowledge, culture and hands-on experience. Hands-on experience produces thought provoking questions and answers that help shape a child's future.”



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