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Friday, March 1, 2019

Clown Parade

Funny Clowns, Funny clowns,
Jump around, Jump around.
Sometimes making faces,
Sometime running races.
Funny Clowns, Funny clowns.
‘’Crazy clown jumping and pumping into witty world.’’
A circus is a special kind of entertainment that can be enjoyed by children and adults. Circus is good medium to educate the children, helping them to develop the necessary skill in life. Through circus, one can imbibe flair for life.
On 1st March, 2019 our little wittians of playgroup at Witty International School Udaipur enjoyed clown parade based on the theme of Circus. Children of playgroup dressed up like clowns. They wore colorful clothing, makeup, wigs and exaggerated footwear. They enjoyed doing funny -funny tricks like a clown. They also enjoyed discussing about the animal performers like elephant, dog, bear, lion, seal and monkey.
Through clown parade, children enjoyed and learnt about the importance of circus in our life in a more real way.

It was a fun – frolic day for little toddlers.



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