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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Science Day at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19).


Witty International School, Pawan Baug believes in laying the foundation for global science initiatives by providing a platform for the students to share their brilliant ideas with the community. This year on the advent of National Science Day a Science Fair was conducted with the theme, “Science for a better Future.” This year, our budding Einsteins took their creative thinking skills to greater heights, displaying thorough knowledge and an inclination towards the scientific inquiry across all fields of the subject. This Science Fair celebrated neoteric projects spanning from physics, chemistry and biology to environmental, human and computer sciences. 
This fair gave students an opportunity to individually investigate a scientific problem. Students completed individual or team projects in which they were required to formulate a question, research a topic, design an experiment, collect and analyze data, and form a conclusion based on their work. These projects helped students learn the scientific method by actually going through almost the same process that scientists use. Students also learnt how to sequence data into an attractive display and how to make a clear and effective oral presentation of their work.

Row-on-row of tables displayed wonderfully diverse ideas; from futuristic ones to practical ones. The projects, ranged from rainwater harvesting, eco homes, advances security systems, green energy, intelligent shopping alternates, optical illusion and much more which captured the interest of all the viewers. Like every year, this year too was another opportunity for the students to showcase their curiosity through their projects unleashing their creative and innovative aspects.

More than winning, it was the journey of reaching the final day that mattered. The numerous meetings at each other's houses for research, making the charts and building the models, all added to the whole experience! The Science Fair 2019 was well received and appreciated by all. The event provided a platform for the budding students to express their creativity and gain confidence.

Principal, Bijo Kurian stated, “I am always impressed by the quality of work and ingenuity our students display each year. The growth of science and technology has revolutionized each and every sphere of life. Science has peeped and pierced many problems of our day to day life. The generation is so talented and creative that it searches for positive possibilities, imagines out of the box, dreams and makes it a reality with their efforts. Such vast and great talent needs the platform to expose and showcase their talent in front of the world. These platforms create a magical feeling of acceptance, appreciation, and recognition which boosts their confidence and self-respect.”



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