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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cooking Experience : Chocolate Making Activity by Sr.KG Section at Witty Kids, Pawan Baug (2019-20)

“Chocolate! Chocolate!
Brown and yummy
Feeling good in my tummy
Crunchy and Munchy,
Chocolate! Chocolate!
Don’t be late.
You are so great.”

What a better way to spend the day at school than creating your own magic recipe of making chocolate!
The Wittians of Sr.KG at Witty World, had fun making their own chocolates in the classrooms. Children mixed  milkmaid, chocolate syrup and desiccated coconut to make chocolate balls.The hands on cooking experience was not only a fun sensorial experience but gave them an insight of ‘How things work?’ which was the theme of the month. Children were excited to relish the yummy chocolate balls made by them.



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