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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

World Sports Journalists Day celebrated at WIS, Udaipur

World Sports Journalists Day is celebrated on July 2, to mark the services of Sports Journalists for the promotion of sports and also thank them for their promptness, impartiality and talent, for the information millions of fans around the world receive and make their choices and form their opinions. Sports Journalism helped strengthening the companionship, bonding, liking and disliking between sports journalists all over the globe.
To make the students of Grade VI to VIII both of C.B.S.E & CAIE aware about this field of Journalism Mr. Claude D’souza a renowned Sports Journalist from Times of India was invited for a guest lecture wherein he shared his views about sports journalism and the opportunities this vast field offers to create a better future. He briefed the students about the importance and types of Journalist and specifically in reference to Sports Journalist. He also made the students distinguish between fake and real news. He motivated students to develop the habit of newspaper reading as it keeps us updated with the news around the world and makes us a responsible citizen of our country. It was an enriching and an interactive session for the students.



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