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Monday, October 14, 2019

Dramatization of Transportation at Witty World, Udaipur

Red light, red light,what do you say?
I say stop stop right away.
Yellow light, yellow light, what do you mean?
I mean wait till the light turn green.
Green light, green light what do you say?
I say cross, but please look each way.
Thank-you, thank-you. Red ,yellow, green.
Now we know what the traffic lights mean

Dramatization of 'Railway station and Road scene’ was held on Friday, October 11, 2019 at Witty World, Udaipur. Children   participated in dramatization and acted as passengers, customers, salesman and ticket seller. Children learnt to take a ticket and board the train. Little Wittians enjoyed enacting traffic scene and learnt about traffic rules, safety and signal lights while moving on the road. Children learnt the importance of transport and its uses in their daily life. They also came to know about public, private and emergency transport. Overall it was a great learning play way experience for them.



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