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Friday, October 18, 2019

Edutainment Event at Witty World, Chikoowadi (2019-20)

Together they sing
As they swing their wings
They sing as they fly
Graciously in the sky.

They show us the way
How to work and stay
Equitable sharing
A final safe landing.

Geese are a delight
To watch them in flight
Soaring to new heights
Or swim in water and glide.

The joy of their chanting
Is worth imitating
This urge to sing
Fills harmony in living.

Every year Witty World organizes Edutainment which is a project based learning event. The auditorium was transformed with the given theme. This year the event, “Living in Harmony” made the children know more about Harmony.
This event was an endeavor to get our children learn about Harmony and Disharmony.
In keeping with our philosophy of, “DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, throughout the month children were involved in creating art work which had its place of pride in the enchanted setup!
The event was envisaged as a child-appealing, integrated version of nature where children got a firsthand experience of the various things such as Nurture Nature, Colours and Shapes, and Tech Smart. Children and their parents were excited seeing the different miniatures showing the Harmony and Disharmony in environment through the means of Shapes, Colours, and Technology and saving the planet. Also various games were other kind of endearing experience which the children took home with them!
“Peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary condition for the survival and development of mankind. Among those thoughts which have been handed down to the present and continuing to have important influence, peace and harmony occupy the most dominating position”.
To quote the parents, Edutainment, has truly become Witty's much awaited signature event!



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