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Friday, November 15, 2019

Show and Tell activity of Jr. KG kids at WIS, Udaipur

Up upon the  trees building a place to rest
Searching for twigs, hay and leaves to build their lovely nests
Eggs then laid in cosily to receive the love and warmth
The young ones hatched and chirping now
Beneath the wings of their motherly love.

Education plays a vital role in bringing out the best in a child. Show and Tell is one of the activities which was organized for the Jr.KG kids at Witty International School,  Udaipur on Friday,15th November 2019. This is a key part of the school day and an important part of a child's learning development as it helps them to organize information and builds their confidence. The little ones brought along a birds nest made at home using twigs, hay and dry leaves and spoke few lines about it. The Show and Tell activity is a powerful tool for developing the language and communication skills of children. It was an interactive activity with a great learning experience.



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