Witty World

Friday, November 15, 2019

Synergy Picnic of Pre Primary kids at WIS, Udaipur

Pack up the basket with nice food to eat,
A red and white blanket to act as our seats.
Cool drinks for drinking if we get too hot,
Its time for a picnic, let's find the right spot!

Picnics can be just fun for the little kids and when they share this jovial time with their grandparents, what could be more exciting and delightful for them! On November 14th, 2019, little Wittians of Witty World and pre-primary section at Witty International School, celebrated Children's Day in an unique way where we called upon grandparents to relive their childhood memories again and become playmates of their grandchildren. In honor of this delightful day, Witty school organized different games and activities. Grandparents not only enjoyed playing to the beats of lovely songs but along with their grandchildren captured the memories of this splendid day at the photo booth. They also brought delicious snacks and sharing amongst everyone created an unforgettable experience. Grandparents appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and kids left happily carrying the Witty Balloon. It was undoubtedly a grand celebration!



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