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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Field Trip to Zoo by Jr.KG & Sr.KG Section (2019-20), Witty World, Goregaon East

On Friday, 21st February 2020 the children of the Jr. KG and Sr. KG section of Witty World Goregaon (East) embarked on a journey to the Byculla, Jijamata Udyaan on a peppy and excited note. The Zoo is a home to several mammals, birds, reptiles and other species. In a diverse natural habitat. The morning was pleasant, making it perfect walking around the zoo.
The students enthusiastically observed an array of animals and birds as their teachers pointed out their special characteristics. They saw some familiar and unfamiliar species of animals and birds Hyenas, leopards, Jackals, Spotted Deers, Penguins, Seagulls, Pelicans and migratory birds. The children were very excited to see animals and birds ‘for real’ as compared at looking at them in the picture books or the television. The objective to visit the Zoo was to reinforce the concept of animals and birds. 
They experienced the sights, sounds and behaviour of different species was particularly special for the children. It was an enjoyable experience for the little ones.



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