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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

White Star ceremony of the session 2019-20 (Grade III to IX, 15.02.2020)

Vo Sinkardar hi dosto kehlata hai.
Hari baazi ko jitna jisey aata hai.
Everybody likes a winner. And it’s not just that they’re winners. It’s the way they secure the win, the near-heroic feats that allow them to come on top, the hours of hard work, dedication and discipline that makes them a winner. They are the ones we look up to……..As the students gear up for the to bang the final syllabi of their curriculum ‘The Final Exams’ Witty could have thought of no other motivation but The Star Ceremony.
It was a proud moment for Wittians as their ID Cards not only spoke of their identity but added lot more achievements in their personalities.
Green, red, orange and white were no more colours for them but different marshalls which everyone aspires for.
The ten White Star achievers, who nailed the academic year 2019 -20 are Arham Jain of Grade V A, Anika Agarwal of Grade V A, Ruchita Maheshwari of Grade VII A,  Mehal Jha of Grade VII A, Shubh Jain of Grade VII B, Mudit Jain Grade IX, Minal Jain Grade IX, Piyush Jain Grade IX and Saniya Jain Grade IX.
The guest of honour Dr Vinod Ojha, a renowned doctor of Bhilwara City, crowned the young conquerors and motivated everyone for their future endeavours.
The Director, Principal and Vice Principal of the school congratulated the winners for their extraordinary performances and encouraged everyone to give their best.



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