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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Art of Origami - Workshop for Secondary Section at WIS, Pawan Baug (2020-21)

What do pizza boxes, pastry boxes, paper bags and fancy napkins have in common? Well, you have guessed it right!ORIGAMI .


Everyone loves the magic of turning a piece of paper into something useful or a toy or a pretty decoration. This is the most exciting of all paper crafts. Imagine minimum usage of scissors and glue! Origami is fascinating.Just that one square of paper can be turned into so many wonderful things. But not only is Origami for kids fun, there are also huge educational benefits.


In a nutshell, Origami, not only develops eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, math reasoning, spatial skills, memory, but also patience and attention skills. Origami allows kids to develop fine motor skills and mental concentration. All of this combined stimulates the brain – especially when both hands are being used at the same time.


School believes in developing students’ creative talents and holistic approach. To boost their creativity and move away from the mundane routine, an Origami workshop was conducted by an Education Advisor and Career Counselor,Ms. Merlyn Torres for grades 6,7 and 8 on the 25th of July.


An important theme of celebrating Parents’ Day was associated with the workshop. Wittians couldn’t miss this opportunity to thank their parents uniquely and amazingly. To express their love and thoughts, some came up with precious, fragile, imperishable floral arrangements, while others came up with ornamental, conventional, winsome bouquets crafted not by a local florist, but from the art of using a paper as a decorative tool. Many Wittians also prepared beautiful sacred designer Photo Frames to say thanks to their parents for their commitment and love who mean a complete world to them; for them to realize parenting is a tough job, it takes sacrifice and dedication.


While the lower grades were busy in the Cut and Fold, our IGCSE I put up a dance for their parents to express gratitude and love. The dance was conducted by Ms. Impal Kadhi.

 According to Mr. Bijo Kurian, the Principal, and the guiding force, “This is not just a day to honour to Moms and Dads, but also a day when parents can rededicate themselves to their children. No matter what you do for your mom and dad on Parent’s Day, and no celebration or gift can compensate their love and sacrifice, for they are truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving.”




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