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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Story Session and Birdie Dance at WIS, Udaipur

'I saw a little bird go hop,hop ,hop

I told the little bird to stop ,stop, stop
I went to the window to say,
How do you do?
He wagged his little tail& far away he flew. '
Children of Nursery enjoyed Birdie dance on the virtual platform on Friday, 29th January 2021. The tiny tots tapped their feet and flapped their wings on the catchy beats of the Birdie song. The fun time was elevated to the exuberant level when the teacher dramatized the ever engrossing story of the " Thirsty Crow". The story narration was followed by the transfer activity wherein the tiny Wittians used their quack quack fingers. This activity is helpful in the development of the motor skills of the young ones giving them an edge into experiential learning. Over all it was a happy day for the tiny bundle of joys.



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